OD-mätning LAB Sweden

OD measurement and feed in shaking incubator

On this front, a lot has happened in recent years. We are proud to represent two companies that are at the forefront of the field; SBI – Scientific Bioprocessing (before merger Aquila Biolabs) and PreSens.

SBI has a system called Cell Growth Quantifier (CGQ) which measures biomass/OD online in up to 16 shake bottles simultaneously. Completely new is a corresponding system that measures in a bioreactor. They also have a system for automatic feed in shake bottles, LIS.

PreSens has several systems: SensorDish Reader (SDR) which measures oxygen or pH in culture plates, ShakeFlask Reader (SFR) which measures oxygen and pH or CO2 in shake bottles and SFR Vario which can measure oxygen, pH and biomass/OD in shake bottles.

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