Lågtemperaturfrysar PHcbi LAB Sweden

Low temperature freezer from PHCbi

Are you looking for a low temperature freezer? We sell a number of different low temperature freezers from PHCbi (formerly Panasonic Biomedical / Sanyo). The freezers are made to keep a low temperature where you can safely store samples that require refrigeration.

A low-temperature freezer is used in laboratories, biobanks and hospitals to store samples that must be stored at a fixed low temperature. Our freezers can store samples and vaccines that require -70C. There are several variants, but in short you can say that a low-temperature freezer holds -80C and an ultra-low-temperature freezer -150C.

PHCbi was founded in 1990 as a subsidiary of Panasonic Healthcare Company. For more than 25 years, they respond to the needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospital / clinical and industrial customers and offer a unique perspective on scientific research in general. Therefore, PHCbi plays an important role in product development for global applications and has established a reputation as a manufacturer of high quality and innovative freezers.

Where Panasonic took the initiative, the others followed. This made them a very important player in ultra-low temperature freezers on the market. If you buy a low temperature freezer from PHcbi, you get one of the best on the market.

Below you can read more about our models for storage in -150C and -86C. If you are looking for a specific low-temperature freezer, you are welcome to contact one of our sales staff and they will help you further.