Pipetter IKA LAB Sweden


We sell laboratory pipettes from IKA and Sartorius.

IKA’s pipettes give an ergonomic feel in combination with uncompromising exact performance that can be used for many applications in the modern laboratory.

IKA’s pipettes can be used for many applications in the modern laboratory. The efficient color coding makes it easier to choose a suitable pipette. IKA guarantees long-term reliable dosing as the tip cone has received extra protection against shocks, UV and chemicals in the design. PETTE fix and vario are completely autoclavable, which ensures easy sterilization. This guarantees trouble-free, accurate and safe operation.

Sartorius electronic pipettes are ideal tools for following you in daily repetitive fluid handling in laboratories, where the accuracy of your results, speed and ergonomics are important. Their fully electronic control guarantees consistent, user-independent results, and their lightweight, ergonomic design gives you total comfort. With its multiple pipetting modes, you can perform your fluid management tasks faster than with mechanical pipettes.

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