Laboratoriediskmaskiner stora Miele LAB Sweden

Large dishwashers for the laboratory

Highest efficiency

LAB Sweden sells large dishwashers from Miele. These have outstanding performance and economy through efficient methods. Machines from Miele Professional achieve outstanding preparation results with minimal consumption of water, energy and detergents, thanks to innovative technology, highly developed methods and comprehensive system solutions.
Quick washing rounds

Laboratory dishwashers large Miele LAB Sweden
Fast and thorough: Cleaning and disinfection with powerful technology. The dishwashers with large space from Miele Professional prepare even large quantities of dishes quickly and thoroughly. This is possible thanks to the highly efficient circulation and flushing technology, the large number of user-specific programs, and not least the efficient drying with clean air. The result: Fast work processes in clinics, central sterilization departments and laboratories.
Optimal pressure
Excellent cleaning results and efficient use of resources thanks to perfectly adapted dishwashing pressure. The pressure with which the washing water is led through the rinsing arms and the injector nozzles is decisive for a convincing and economical washing. A high pressure makes it possible to remove heavy dirt, while a low pressure ensures that all dishes are wet. Dish disinfectants from Miele Professional combine both advantages through a flushing pressure that is adapted to the needs.
Dosage control with ultrasound
Reproducible preparation quality thanks to precise dosing of all media. The exact dosage of all detergents is a prerequisite for an economical and reproducible preparation. The ultrasonic dosing volume control from Miele Professional provides the highest precision. Regardless of the current viscosity and temperature, it gives the user perfect control over the dosage of all chemicals.
Spool arm monitoring
Reliable dishwashing power by monitoring the rinsing arm speed. To obtain optimal cleaning and disinfection results, the speed of the rinsing arms must always be within a predetermined range. Through non-contact monitoring of all rinsing arms, problems with, for example, foaming or blocking dishes can be detected in good time. Thus, the spool arm monitoring contributes to safe reproduction of the validated preparation quality.
Maintenance-free module for measuring conductivity
Exact and maintenance-free: Final rinsing without residues for flawless results. Residues of process chemicals that still remain during the final washing phase can affect the preparation result. The inductive, maintenance-free monitoring of the conductivity of the washing water makes it possible to detect such residues and reduce them to a defined level by further rinsing. This makes the preparation safer, more material-friendly and also reproducible.