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We sell purified water systems from Stakpure. They offer everything from simpler units for deionization and decalcification to purified water machines that generate Type III, Type II, and Type I water. All to meet the water needs for various applications and different labs. The most common tabletop models are called OmniTap and OmniaPure.

The tabletop models from StakPure deliver water in Type I and Type II quality, which should satisfy most needs in the laboratory. The tabletop models come in two types, OmniaTap (Type I + II) and OmniaPure (Type II).

OmniaLab is the big brother to OmniaTap and is a larger model designed for laboratories with a large water demand. This model is excellent for generating ultrapure water for larger buildings or circuits, or for connecting to larger tanks. OmniaLab comes in three models, all equipped with an internal 100-liter tank and two outlets, one on top and one that can be connected to, for example, an external tank.

You can read more about OmniaTap and OmniaLab in the product sheet below.

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