SFR Vario

Shake Flask Reader for oxygen, OUR, Biomass & pH or CO2 measurement – ​​Easy integration into all shake incubators

SFR vario provides online monitoring of oxygen, biomass and pH or CO2 – simultaneously. Online measured biomass data can be correlated with parameters such as optical density, dry weight or cell concentration. In this way, you can get real-time information on, for example, OD600 development. The device can read an oxygen and a pH or CO2 sensor – integrated into the finished culture vessels – and also includes a dedicated optical array for biomass monitoring. The oxygen uptake rate (OUR) can be calculated from the slope of the online oxygen measurements. The system has two long-life, rechargeable batteries and is compatible with all standard shaking incubators. Up to 4 SFR vario can be controlled from the SFR vario software and measurement data is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to a computer.

  • Simultaneous real-time measurement of O2, biomass & pH or CO2
  • Automatic OUR calculation
  • Online measurement of optical density, dry weight, cell concentration by correlation with biomass measurements
  • Parallel measurements in up to 4 shake bottles
  • Wireless data transfer enables easy integration
  • Bioprocess development and media optimization

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