YSI 2500

Biochemistry Analyzers

YSI has earned a reputation as the Gold Standard in bio-analytical instruments with highly accurate sensors and rapid results.

With over 40 years of providing rapid, accurate analytical instruments, YSI Life Sciences has established a legacy of expertise in various industrial applications, including bioprocess monitoring and control, food and beverage, biofuels and renewable energy and medical and physiological research. Our laboratory and process analytical solutions have been designed to help make your job easier through reliable, accurate and easy-to-use instruments.

Bioprocess Monitoring & Control

Bioprocessing requires tight control of nutrients and metabolites to optimize cell growth and maximize product yields.

YSI analyzers are a proven process analytical technology (PAT) for monitoring critical nutrients, like glucose, sucrose and glutamine. Additionally, YSI analyzers  provide rapid, precise analysis of growth and product-inhibiting metabolites such as lactate and ammonium. Coupled with our online monitoring and control solutions, YSI analyzers are designed to help make your job easier, increase your process knowledge and improve your process yields.

Food & Beverage

During food or beverage processing near real-time measurement of key ingredients or unwanted byproducts is essential to the quality and safety of food production. The YSI 2900 Series Analyzers make it practical to measure a variety of key analytes when it counts. Employing enzyme electrode biosensors, the YSI analyzer provides a result in about one-minute with little or no sample preparation. Results of glucose, sucrose, lactose, ethanol and many more analytes compare well to approved lab methods, making the YSI 2900 ideal for process monitoring. Make decisions to package, hold, or reformulate without waiting for the final laboratory analysis.

Because the instrument is simple to use and maintain, operator training is minimal. On-board self diagnostics monitors the instrument function to help guarantee accurate results and alert operators to errors.

YSI maintains a library of application notes describing measurement techniques ranging from the measurement of dextrose and sucrose in potatoes, cereal products, and molasses, to the measurement of choline in infant formulations. A more recent application involves measuring lactate and ethanol in tomato processing to quantify microbial load.

Biofuels & Renewable Energy

YSI Analyzers are used in biofuels, biotech and bioprocessing applications around the world and are often referred to as the “work horses” of the lab. Lab managers like that YSI analyzers are reliable, provide fast, accurate results, and require minimal operator training. YSI analyzers measure important nutrients like glucose, glutamine, and methanol; and can monitor the level of potentially harmful byproducts like lactate and ammonium. Biopharma uses YSI rapid electrode-based measurements to both monitor and control processes. YSI analyzers measure xylose and glucose to monitor fermentation progress in cellulosic ethanol research and measure residual ethanol during distillation in production facilities.

Medical Research

Small sample size and rapid, accurate results with minimal sample preparation are the trade mark features for these electrode-based analyzers. Among the most commonly used applications are in physiology, molecular biology, cell culture and fermentation in biotechnology, and blood analysis in clinical and sports medicine.

YSI enzyme electrode analyzers have measured glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ethanol, and hydrogen peroxide just to name a few. 

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