SFR – Shake Flask Reader

pH, oxygen and OUR monitoring in shake bottles, culture tubes and T-bottles

The SFR Shake Flask Reader monitors pH, oxygen and OUR in up to 9 E-flasks, culture tubes or T-flasks simultaneously. It fits in almost all standard shaking equipment. Measurement data is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to your computer. The corresponding vessels contain pre-calibrated sensors and the system non-invasively monitors through the bottom of the vessel. There are different types and sizes of pistons and tubes. Disposable plastic bottles contain pre-calibrated oxygen and pH sensors, while reusable glass bottles are equipped with autoclavable oxygen sensors.

  • Fast monitoring of up to 63 shake bottles in parallel
  • For microbial and cell culture
  • Pre-calibrated culture vessels, ready to use
  • Compatible with standard shaking equipment
  • Glass and plastic bottles in various sizes
  • Non-invasive measurement
  • Used for seed and bioprocess development

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