CGQ – Cell Growth Quantifier

Online OD measurement in shaking incubator

CGQ is a lab equipment for automatic online biomass monitoring in shake bottles. The biomass is determined non-invasively through the bottom of the shake bottle with a patented optical measurement.

Save valuable hands-on time, leave the monitoring of your shake bottles to CGQ and gain a deep understanding of your bio processes. Develop and improve your bio processes based on detailed biomass curves for sustainable success in your research.

Key facts

For a wide range of organisms
Bacteria, archaea, yeast, microalgae, plant cells and more

Compatible with various grow containers
Shaker flasks, serum bottles, Schott bottles and others

For all types of shaking equipment
Compatible with all makes and clamps as well as adhesive mat

One sensor for all piston sizes
Use a transducer for different shake piston sizes by applying our adapters

Parallel measurements
Monitor up to 16 shake bottles in parallel

Easy to install and use
Plug and play technology with intuitive user interface

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