Stakpure Omnialab

Clean water larger models.

OmniaLab is the big brother of OmniaTap, and is a larger model intended for laboratories with a large water requirement. This model is excellent for generating ultrapure water for larger buildings or loops, or for connecting to larger tanks.

OmniaLab comes in three models, all of which are supplied with an internal 100 liter tank, and two outlets, one at the top and one that can be connected to, for example, an external tank.

OmniaLabED contains an automatically regenerating Electrodeionization Unit, which takes the place of an internal ion exchange cartridge. This eliminates the maintenance of ion exchange mass, and it will always have a 100L tank filled with ASTM Type II water, which is a quality that is excellent for autoclaves, dishwashers and the like. At the top of the unit is a dispenser that produces ultrapure water of ASTM Type I quality.

OmniaLabUP produces water of the quality ASTM Type II, with a dispenser for this water. This makes this unit a workhorse, which can generate water for other polisher units out on a loop, or it can be used directly from the included 100L tank for eg autoclaves and dishwashers.

OmniaLabRO produces water of ASTM Type III quality, what is known as Reverse Osmosis water. This unit is suitable for those who need large quantities of this, for example washing or similar, without any need for the very cleanest qualities. It includes a 100L tank, and can continue to produce to an external tank if desired.

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