SPECORD S600 − the simultaneous high-speed diode-array spectrophotometer

Diode array spectrophotometer for working in the UV- and Vis-range

The UV/Vis spectrophotometer SPECORD S600 combines the precision and convenient handling needed in laboratories with speed, reliability and superior optical performance. This simultaneous high-performance diode array spectrophotometer works precise, fast, simultaneous.

The analytical advantages

  • High precision polychromator systems – permanently adjusted and fixed with no moving parts
  • Open sample compartment which accommodates all available accessories of the SPECORD S600
  • Excellent spectral properties, fast measurement of complete spectra in less than 12 milliseconds
  • Full range of accessories for liquid, solid, powderous and gaseous samples
  • Self adjusting photometric linearity
  • Automatic stray light correction
  • Easily accessible and interchangeable light sources
  • Self Check System (SCS)

The Multi Channel System optics has proven its worth based on lasting dependability in laboratory analysis as well as process analysis.

High-precision optics

The polychromator systems, designed to work without any movable components, are the heart of the SPECORD S600. The high-precision optics consists of an aberration-corrected grating, a mechanical slit and the diode array detector. Encased in a rugged quartz-ceramic body, it is permanently adjusted, fixed and insensitive to external influences. This design ensures extremely accurate and highly reproducible results. At the same time, SPECORD S600 provides all the flexibility needed to solve most analytical problems. Ruggedness, thermal stability as well as their high light yield are additional advantages of this device.

High-speed spectrophotometer

With a minimum scan rate of 12 milliseconds the SPECORD S600 offers extremely fast analyses.

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