Mediapreparators and flat casters

Mediapreparators and flat casters

Here we have collected the Autoclaves, Media Preparators and Flat Casters that we offer from Systec and Miele.

Systec manufactures autoclaves, media preparators and plate casters that are specially developed for sterilization of products in all types of laboratories, both in research labs and in production. The autoclaves come in sizes up to 1,580L and are available as both vertical and horizontal models, the horizontal ones also in the penetration version. The media processors come in sizes from 10-120L, the smaller ones are of the table model and the larger ones are floor-standing.

Miele’s B autoclaves Cube and Cube X are specially designed for safe and reliable sterilization of medical instruments in a short time. Both models impress with optimal drying results, a touch color display for easy control and easy integration in all types of IT systems.

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