FlowBot ONE

Automated pipetting robot for labs.

Berner Lab are proud distributors of our innovative Danish supplier, Flow Robotics, offering their liquid handling robot, the Flowbot® ONE, throughout the Nordic region. The Flowbot® ONE is designed for ease of use, allowing anyone to learn operation within an hour through its intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. This affordable and versatile liquid handler automates lab processes without the need for coding, and its browser-based software ensures flexibility and easy protocol switching.

Flowbot® ONE is a high-precision, plug-and-play solution that adapts quickly to changes in lab procedures, allowing for immediate automation upon delivery. It features unique capabilities, including an open API for seamless integration into automated work cells, and high-quality hardware with 12 deck positions for efficient workflows.

With Flowbot® ONE, you will achieve efficient and accurate workflows, empowering any lab. It comes equipped with:

  • 2 pipette modules (1, 4, and 8-channel options)
  • Volume ranges: 1-20μL, 2-200μL, and 10-1000μL
  • Capacity: 12 positions (SBS format)
  • Automatic liquid level detection
  • Customizable racks, containers, and other accessories can be easily defined and purchased.

 Unique Software Features to Customize Your Workflows

  • Liquid Level Detection
  • Control Aspiration
  • Pre-wetting and Mixing in Multiple Heights
  • Bottom Touch
  • Total Volume Transfer
  • Add Breakpoints and Loops


  • Biobanking
  • Cherry picking
  • Dilutions
  • Magnetic bead purification
  • Normalization
  • NGS
  • Pooling
  • PCR & qPCR
  • Reformatting
  • Sample aliquoting and transferring
  • Sample preparation

Our experienced team at Berner Lab offers excellent customer support and in-depth knowledge of pipetting robots and liquid handling systems. We maintain strong relationships with our suppliers to provide the latest information and best service. Flowbot® ONE features a user-friendly design that requires no prior programming experience, allowing for quick installation and operation with standardized laboratory products such as tubes, plates, and racks..

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