Barcode Scanners and software for sample storage

Barcode Scanners and software for sample storage

Our supplier Ziath has a wide range of different barcode scanners to read 1D and / or 2D codes on single tubes or entire racks. All Ziath’s scanners are available with or without Ziath’s cryoprotection, which reduces condensation caused by the fridge / freezer without adding heat to the rack being scanned.

Barcode scanners together with the Samples software create a clear and traceable handling of the biobank’s sample storage.

Samples gives you three options for data entry depending on user preference and laboratory set. Manually, Import via example Excel / csv. or you can quickly scan the samples with Ziath scanners.


  • Create searchable “Tracking Tags” and sample types.
  • Six levels of storage space allow you to customize your database to your laboratory’s unique layout.
  • Tailored to customized needs and you decide which parameters are important / searchable.
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