Dishwashers for the laboratory

Dishwashers for the laboratory

Berner Lab sells a number of different laboratory dishwashers.

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Variable speed heat pump

The variable speed heat pump is the very heart of the dishwashing disinfectants from Miele Professional and is a unique feature. Within the individual program blocks, the speed of the pump and thus the flushing pressure has been adapted to the current requirements – high pressure enables the removal of heavy contaminants, while low pressure ensures that the entire dishes are soaked.

Low consumption values – Highest efficiency

From the small autoclave to the large plant: Machines from Miele Professional achieve outstanding preparation results with minimal consumption of water, energy and cleaning agents, thanks to innovative technology, highly developed methods and comprehensive system solutions.

EcoDry thanks to patented AutoOpen function – Convenient drying support

After the end of the program, the door opens automatically thanks to the AutoOpen function, as soon as the temperature in the disk compartment has dropped below 70 ° C. Residual moisture can therefore easily come out of the dish space and the dishes dry faster.

Optimal disk pressure – Clean result

The pressure with which the washing water is led through the rinsing arms and the injector nozzles is decisive for a convincing and economical washing. A high pressure makes it possible to remove heavy dirt, while a low pressure ensures that all dishes are wet. Dish disinfectants from Miele Professional combine both advantages through a flushing pressure that is adapted to the needs.

Short time per round – Greater efficiency

The dish disinfectants from Miele Professional also prepare demanding goods quickly and reliably. The powerful dishwashing technology guarantees that even complexly shaped and hollow instruments or laboratory glass can be prepared with high rinsing pressure. In combination with the two load planes and the highly developed control, trouble-free workflows are possible at high instrument loads.

DryPlus – For perfect drying results

The hot air drying DryPlus is the optimal solution for hollow instruments. A HEPA filter with class H13 provides good particle separation from the drying air. The filter is easily accessible through a hatch in the front of the base.

Dosage control with ultrasound – Reliable dosing

The exact dosage of all detergents is a prerequisite for an economical and reproducible preparation. The ultrasonic dosing volume control from Miele Professional provides the highest precision. Regardless of the current viscosity and temperature, it gives the user perfect control over the dosage of all chemicals.

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