We sell calorimeters from the German company IKA.

IKA’s bomb calorimeters are the market leader when it comes to determining energy values ​​for both liquid and solid samples. IKA’s range of calorimeters gives laboratories the best regardless of the requirements.

The range consists of the C 1, C 200, C 6000 and C 7000 models. You can read more about each model via the links below.

When burning samples with calorimeters, the heat / energy generated from the sample is measured under controlled conditions. In the combustion vessel – the so-called “bomb” – the sample is burned with the addition of oxygen and the amount of heat dissipated is measured. To prevent external temperature influence, on the combustion process, the system has an outer vessel (jacket) as protection.

Approximately one gram of sample (liquid or liquid) is weighed into a sample crucible and placed in the sample vessel, the “bomb”. The test crucible is connected to an ignition mechanism with cotton thread. The sample vessel is filled with oxygen (30 bar) and the sample is burned / decomposed. During the combustion process, the temperature in the sample bowl can reach 1000 ° C. The high temperature also means that the pressure increases – and thus a decomposition / combustion of all organic material is obtained.

The heat created during the process can now be determined – as an energy value.

LAB Sweden sells a range of calorimeters. Do you want to know more about someone or do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you further. Read more about the different calorimeters we sell via the links below.

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