LAB Sweden is now Berner Lab

In May, LAB Sweden became a part of Berner Lab! Since March 2022, LAB Sweden, along with its sister companies LAB Norway and LAB Denmark, has been part of the Berner Group, and in May, it was time for us to change our brand name to Berner Lab. The registered company name will be Sören Berner Sweden AB, which is used when signing contracts and on invoices.

For customers and suppliers, the change will be minimal; they will retain the same contact person and processes as before. The difference is a new brand and a new graphic profile. Questions about our operations or cooperation are gladly answered by Annika Garnås, CEO, LAB Sweden, LAB Denmark, LAB Norway, at or by Suvi Kemmo, Sales Director Nordics and Baltics, at Berner Lab,

Berner Lab is a well-established Finnish company that has been around for 140 years and has now, after the purchase of LAB Sweden along with sister companies LAB Norway and LAB Denmark, companies throughout the Nordic region as well as in Estonia. Being part of a large Nordic family-owned company creates advantages for our customers and suppliers with extensive product portfolios, knowledge, global network, and locally driven Berner Lab offices.