Techfors S

Techfors S, bioreactor for research and production

Techfors S is a starting point for in-situ sterilizable bioreactors, something that often means a big step in infrastructure, user knowledge and complexity. The design of the Techfors S makes it suitable for use in most standard laboratories.

Steam can be connected from the central system or supplied from a steam generator integrated in the stand. It is available in both cell and bacterial versions and the systems are delivered as packages to make it easy to set up a working system.

Options such as a crane to easily lift the top plate are available for simple and trouble-free handling of the largest systems. Sterilization is mostly automatic and can be easily configured to meet specific requirements. The intuitive touch screen makes tasks such as calibration, cascade configuration and general setup so simple that the need for an instruction manual no longer feels necessary. Some parameters are predefined but there is an extensive possibility to expand the system with additional sensors, pumps, scales and more.

Key features:

  • Extremely compact with modest space requirements
  • Mobile (on wheels)
  • 7.5 L, 15 L, 30 L and 42 L
  • New design concept with a central pillar for maximum accessibility and utilization of space
  • Open design with pipes, valves, etc. behind the instrument shell
  • One-point attachment for the vessel provides accurate weighing via only one sensor
  • Quiet, turbulence-free peak operation with low-speed version for cell culture
  • Easy mounting of the motor via quick coupling
  • Up to 4 integrated peristaltic pumps with fixed speed and option for a fifth, integrated, analog feed pump
  • Temperature control with electric heating and thermocirculating cooling water (pulsed steam injection as an option)
  • Sterilization via central steam connection or via the optional steam generator (separate or integrated in the stand)
  • Option – recommended over 15 L. A tap to lift the top plate, including stirrer shaft and baffles, to simplify assembly and cleaning

In-situ sterilizable vessels

Techfors-S vessels are supplied with internal accessories for either bacterial or cell culture. The bacteria systems have baffles, flat blade Rushton impellers, spars and mechanical coupling as standard. The cell culture systems have magnetic coupling, marine impellers and a porous sparger as standard. A wide program of options and alternatives is available for all vessel types. Sterilization takes place via direct injection of steam into the vessel and via a separate steam connection for the sampling/harvesting valve.

  • Vessels with 7.5 L, 15 L and 30 L total volume
  • Double-wall construction in stainless 316L steel
  • 25mm ports in the bottom, 19mm ports in the top plate
  • Rectangular viewing window
  • Air filter mounted behind the top plate for good accessibility and easy handling
  • Simple system for separation of incoming gas from sparger prior to autoclaving
  • Pt100 temperature sensor is placed in a pocket on the top plate for easy mounting
  • Mechanical (bacterial version) or magnetic cupping (cell version)

Control system with touch screen and integrated OPC server

Bioprocess control starts with the quality and flexibility of the local control unit. The touch screen for Techfors S provides accurate and safe measurement, control and communication with the monitoring software. This makes it possible to enter data by touching the screen and options are under a clear tab system that makes use both simple and intuitive. Process data is recorded and bioprocesses are controlled via the Iris software.

Up to 24 parameters per vessel:

  • Temperature
  • Agitator speed
  • pH control
  • pO2 control
  • Antifoam/level
  • Mass flow (option)
  • Feed (optional)
  • Gas mix (option)
  • + 16 free channels

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