Labfors 5

Labfors 5, bioreactor, in brief

Labfors 5 is perhaps the market’s most flexible bioreactor and provides the user with an easy-to-use and expandable system for cultivation volumes from 0.5 to 10L.

Labfors 5 is always application optimized for your microbial fermentation. A version with completely metal-free vessels provides the flexibility to grow organisms even in corrosive media. Different cultivation strategies such as batch, fed-batch and continuous cultivation can be used. The integrated OPC server makes connecting additional sensors very easy. As an option, it is possible to connect up to six (6) bioreactors to a single control panel.

On request, we also offer special configurations or modifications to give users the ultimate flexibility.

INFORS HT has been a pioneer in this technology area for many years and their product and application specialists continuously improve and optimize the system to provide fast, parallel handling in the smallest possible space.

Key features:

  • Flexible and application optimized configurations
  • Splash-proof touchscreen with OPC server
  • Parallel bioreactor option
  • Faster results with optimized handling
  • 100% aseptic use
  • Space-saving, compact design

Mainly used for:

  • Bacteria (E.coli, Pseudomomas, etc.)
  • Fungi (Aspergillus, Streptomyces, etc.)
  • Yeast (P. pastoris, Saccharomyces, etc.)
  • Cultivation volume from 0.5 to 10 L


  • High density cultivation for protein production
  • Process analytical technology (PAT)
  • Process development
  • Process optimization
  • Scaling up
  • Scaling down
  • Statistical studies
  • Growth studies
  • Anaerobic cultivation
  • Halophiles

Control system with touch screen and integrated OPC server

Bioprocess control starts with the quality and flexibility of the local control unit. The touch screen for Labfors 5 provides accurate and safe measurement, control and communication with the monitoring software. The touch screen controller can control up to 6 bioreactors. The key parameters for all six vessels are displayed in an overview menu on the main page but each unit can be controlled completely separately.

Up to 24 parameters per vessel:

  • Temperature
  • Agitator speed
  • pH control
  • pO2 control
  • Antifoam/level
  • Feed
  • Gas mix
  • Gas flow
  • 16 free channels

Space-saving, compact base unit

With a base area as small as 465 x 465 mm for a fully equipped 10L bioreactor, Labfors 5 saves valuable bench space. This reduces the total cost and makes room for more research capacity on the same surface. With the option for parallel bioreactors, up to six bioreactors can be connected to the same control unit.

Fully equipped vessels

Labfors 5 has fully equipped, replaceable vessels with working volumes from 0.5 up to 10 litres. The top plate in stainless 316L steel has many ports with industry standard Pg13.5 ports that make it possible to use a wide range of sensors (antifoam, optical density, pH, pO2, redox, capacitance, etc.). There are different vessel sizes to choose from. The vessels can be configured in different ways using accessories such as impellers, spargers and special accessories such as draft tubes. A wide selection of other accessories is on the program to cover practically all applications.

The vessel’s construction and design (without welded parts) make Labfors 5 ideal for applications where strict GMP requirements apply.

100% aseptic stirring system

Contains a powerful top drive for microbial applications. Rushton impellers and a ring sparger for high gas flows are included as standard.

Open system for gas addition with up to 5 mass flow controllers

INFORS HT open gas systems provide precise gas mixing and flow control for very accurate pO2 control. The system provides a very high KLa that is comparable to large systems to make scaling up as easy as possible. Any combination of air, O2, N2 or CO2 as single gas can be directed to sparger or headspace.

We recommend pO2 control as standard for microbial culture; air, O2 to sparger via mass flow control.

More reproducible and accurate results thanks to the thermodynamic condenser
Liquid evaporation from the bioreactor vessel can be problematic at all scales, but is especially critical at small culture volumes. The construction of INFORS HT’s condenser means that the moisture in the outgoing gas is condensed with maximum efficiency.

Time-saving, high-precision pumps

It includes four high-precision pumps per vessel; feed, acid, base and antifoam/level/harvest as standard. This makes Labfors 5 ready for applications such as fed batch and continuous cultivation directly from the package.

The pump heads are mounted on a removable plate and can be removed in groups of four to be autoclaved together with the vessel. This significantly reduces handling time as hose does not need to be assembled and adjusted for use. Handling errors due to misplaced pumps and hoses are hereby completely eliminated through this unique design. The only thing required is to mount the plate back in place. Automatic emptying, filling of the hose and calibration of the pumps make it even easier.

Select system for temperature control

A single-walled vessel with electric heating mantle and cooling finger provides gentle heating and cooling with a maximum temperature of 95°C. A double-walled glass vessel with water circulation provides full visibility into your cultivation and maximum heat transfer for rapid temperature changes (heating and cooling) up to 60°C.

Super Safe Sampler – 100% aseptic and absolutely hygienic sampling

Super Safe Sampler INFORS HT’s Super Safe Sampler gives you the opportunity to take small sample quantities without spillage. It helps with more accurate results, especially in small-scale bioprocesses with minimal liquid loss. The true aseptic design makes contamination during sample handling impossible.

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