Labfors 5 SSF

Labfors 5 BioEtOH for Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF)

Key features

  • Simultaneous hydrolysis and fermentation
  • Ideal mixing
  • Simple addition of material
  • SSF optimized temperature control
  • Perfect process control

Enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation (SSF) can now be combined in one and the same system by combining the known technology of a microbial bioreactor with innovative development of motor and agitator system. This provides ideal mixing even at very high dry contents. In anaerobic fermentation, the bioreactor provides optimal conditions for cultivation and comprehensive control of the bioprocess.


  • Research and development for ethanol production based on lignocellulose
  • SSF process development (enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation
  • Enzyme screening and activity studies

Ideal mixing

Viscous solution? High dry matter content? The mixing properties of liquids and solids vary. That’s why we provide a selection of stirrers, it gives you the right stirrer system for each substrate.

The newly developed motor with high torque guarantees fast and even mixing even at very high viscosity or if the feed material has a high solids content.

Simple addition of material

A 4 cm port in the top plate makes it easy to add and remove solid material.

SSF optimized temperature control

With monitoring of both media and vessel wall, optimal temperature control in the entire bioprocess can be guaranteed. This prevents overheating of the vessel walls and keeps the enzyme activity high.

Perfect process control

Bioprocess control begins with the quality of the control unit. Labfors 5 splash-proof touchscreen provides accurate and safe measurement and control of up to 6 vessels. External devices such as gas analyzers are easily connected.

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