LabCIP – Automatic cleaning and sterilization of your bioreactor

LabCIP cleans and sterilizes the Labfors 5 bioreactor fully automatically with just one push of a button. Start it in the evening and your bioreactor will be ready to use for your microbial bioprocess when you arrive the next morning!

This makes your Labfors 5 almost as easy to use as a shaking incubator, as convenient and practical as a disposable reactor and without loss in time and efficiency. The number of experiments per bioreactor can be increased up to twice.

Key features

  • Automatic cleaning (CIP
  • Automatic Sterilization (SIP)
  • High throughput
  • Easy handling
  • Robust, proven technology
  • Small bottom surface
  • Cost savings


  • Bioprocesses with high throughput
  • Fermentation
  • High throughput protein expression, e.g. antibodies
  • Process development/process optimization
  • Process analytical technology (PAT)
  • Scaling up/down

Automatic cleaning (CIP)

A safe reproducible and cleaning with base and/or acid is done automatically with variable cycles. This cleaning method is used as a standard for cleaning in GMP processes and can be validated.

Automatic Sterilization (SIP)

The sterilization of Labfors 5 with, for example, warm sodium hydroxide solution and final rinsing with sterile water (integrated sterile filter) takes place automatically. All parts that come into contact with the product, including the air flow and exhaust gas system, are included in this. The process settings (temperature, time, pH) can be flexibly configured. Typical settings are 60 °C, pH 12.8 for 2 h.

High throughput

CIP/SIP provides significant time savings. Labfors 5 can be cleaned and sterilized overnight and be ready for use the next morning. It gives you more time for science and increases throughput up to double.

Easy handling

The bioreactor does not need to be taken apart for cleaning or transported back and forth to the autoclave. It eliminates sources of error and handling risks from these steps.

Robust and proven technology

Labfors 5 together with LabCIP does not use any consumables, completely in accordance with sustainability and safety considerations. The system can use standard sensors and, together with a powerful stirrer, can provide high cell density and protein content.

LabCIP uses a table surface that is smaller than an A4 and can be placed behind the Labfors 5.

Cost savings

LabCIP saves valuable working time as it takes less than 5 minutes to get the bioreactor ready for use. In this way, the time it stands still is minimized.

The product is patented (US Pat. No. 9,399,244; European patent No. 2,789,683).

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