We sell European Institute of Science AB reagents for the veterinary segment. Among other things, EURIS is active with products in diagnostics, health and healthcare. Today, the greatest focus is on the development of diagnostic analyzes that are used for clinical laboratory and point-of-care settings, in veterinary health and primarily for dogs, cats and horses. The largest activity is found within the Nordic market. The company was established in 1990 and has its headquarters in Lund.

Products we offer:

Inflammation reagent (acute phase protein) Product number
Dog C-Reactive Protein (cCRP) to c 311 2510-03
Dog C-Reactive Protein (cCRP) to c 111 2510-05
Cat Serum amyloid A (fSAA) to c 311 2510-13
Cat Serum amyloid A (fSAA) to c 111 2510-15
Horse Serum amyloid A (eSAA) to c 311 2510-23
Horse Serum amyloid A (eSAA) to c 111 2510-25

Diabetes diagnosis reagent

Veterinary Fructosamine (FRUC) to c 111 2510-35

Species-specific calibrators and controls are available for relevant reagents.

EurisTest ™ Veterinary Calibrators and Controls contain species-specific proteins and set values ​​are determined using total protein analysis. Calibrators and controls are provided ready to use and are long-term stable. Several of the calibrators and controls can be stored in the freezer and are stable up to 20 freezing cycles.

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