Pressing tools

We sell pressing tools from Fluxana.

Press tools with diameter 32 mm and 40 mm which are mainly used to press pellets for XRF and XRD applications. Fluxana also offers press tools with diameters between 8 and 55 mm. Other dimensions and application upon request.

Nr. Description Diameter In/Out
PR-CD-60XX Vaneox 15-25 t – Pressing Die, XX = diameter i mm 8-40 mm
PR-CD-60XXR Vaneox 15-25 t -Pressing Die for rings, XX=diameter i mm 16-25 / 20 -51,5 mm
PR-40-CDXX Vaneox 40 t -Pressing Die, XX = diameter i mm 8 – 40 mm
PR-40-CDXXR Vaneox 40 t -Pressing Die for rings, XX = diameter i mm 32 – 35 /40 /51,5 mm

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