Presses for FTIR

We sell presings tools for the production of KBr tablets for FTIR analyzes from the company Specac.

Specac pressing tool for KBr tablets – FTIR analysis

Specac has long experience in manufacturing robust and reliable pressing tools for KBr tablets.

We have 3 of their models in our range – the manual Mini Pellet press (2 tons), the manual 15 ton or 25 ton press and the semi-automatic Atlas Power model – which is available in 8 ton, 15 ton and 25 ton versions.

As an option, if this is not already available in the laboratory, we also offer pressing tools for the KBr powder and the sample – so-called Pellet Die.

See the technical specifications on Specac press tools and brochure with information on how to get good quality KBr tablets with Pellet Die in the left column.

Do you have any questions about Specac’s presses? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will tell you more!

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