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Cooling system

If the setpoint is lower than 6°C above room temperature on your system, it must be equipped with cooling. All cooling systems are CFC-free and are only activated when needed – an environmentally friendly solution.

There are three cooling systems to choose from:

  • Side cooling
  • Top cooling
  • External cooling
Cooling system
Temperature range
6°C above RT up to 80°C*
Side cooling20°C below RT up to 80°C, minimum +4°C
Top cooling13°C below RT up to 80°C, minimum +4°C
External cooling6°C above the cooling medium up to 80°C*, minimum +4°C

*usually up to 65°C

Precise CO2 control 0-20%

An electronic control of the CO2 concentration in the incubation chamber is a key function in the cultivation of mammalian cells because it keeps the pH stable. The measurement takes place with an IR sensor and the concentration can be controlled in the range 0-20%. CO2 control is recommended above all for the cultivation of mammalian cells or algae.

Humidity system

  • To reduce liquid loss due to long incubation times or too small volumes (for example microtiter plates) the use of a humidity system is recommended
  • A heated door is available as an option to prevent condensation on the hatch’s window
  • There are various options to further reduce fluid loss, information on request.
  • Range 50-90% rH (depending on operating conditions), accuracy capacitive sensor +/- 3% at 20°C, max 60°C

The humidity system reduces fluid loss when incubating for a long time or for small volumes (for example microtiter plates) and ensures a constant osmotic pressure in the culture fluid.

Distilled water is dripped under controlled forms onto a hot surface and the generated steam is directed directly into the incubation chamber; a method that guarantees a perfect and hygienic environment. A heated door prevents condensation (standard in Multitron Cell, for other models as an option).


For photosynthesis in growth cells and algae or for other phototropic organisms, we offer LED lighting in a warm white spectrum. Read more about it on this page.

More options

There are several options in the range, for example a mobile temperature sensor, access for external sensors, UV sterilisation, darkening and more. Specially built options are available on request, so if you can’t find what you want here, call or send us an e-mail!

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