Vacuum filtration

Vacuum filtration

We offer Sartorius’ quality range for vacuum filtration. The relaunch in 2021 means lots of improvements. Read more about the products and improvements in the links under product information.

Here is a selection of some improvements:

  • Changed the shape of the filter from square to circular which significantly increased the filter surface and improved the filtration speed.
  • Developed the PES (polyethersulfone) membrane to a more asymmetric one, which also improves flow through and speed.
  • The units are compatible with our multi-station and allow running up to 6 samples simultaneously.

Sartolab® RF | BT vacuum filtration units are designed for research purposes with filtration of volumes from > 50 mL to 1 L.

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V kits are designed to clear and sterile filter > 15 mL to 1 L mammalian cell cultures. The kit combines filter aid bags and vacuum filtration units.

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