UVP Hybrilinker Oven

Unique combination of hybridization oven and UV crosslinker

  • Carousel for multiple bottle sizes and off-set bottle positioning
  • Variable rotor speed 10 – 15 rpm
  • Microprocessor controlled incubation temperature

Product Details

  • LED display for easy operation
  • Easy to clean interior made of stainless steel
  • Removable protective tray to allow easy cleanup of spilled media
  • Glass door for easy viewing of samples and blocking of ß-emission from the hybridization chamber
  • Orbital motion tray or rocker tray available as optional accessories
  • Maximum power consumption: 1,150 Watt

The UVP Hybrilinker Oven is a self-contained unit which provides the unique combination of a hybridization oven and a 254 nm ultraviolet crosslinker. The hybridization oven portion of the UVP Hybrilinker Oven is ideal for Southern, Northern, and Western blots; in situ hybridization; and binding nucleic acids to nitrocellulose or nylon-reinforced transfer membranes or other media. The unit features a precise microprocessor for control of rotation speeds and temperature control. An internal circulating fan maintains temperature uniformity, and a large LED display shows the current chamber temperature. Internal stainless steel construction enables the environment to be easily kept clean. The oven accommodates multiple bottle sizes, arrangements, and offset positions to meet a variety of mixing requirements. The rotary wheel holds twenty 35×150 mm bottles or 35×100 mm bottles, ten 35×300 mm bottles, or a combination of the various sizes. The rotary wheel can be removed and replaced with a rocker tray or rocker plate to create a rocking motion and to accomodate various types of flasks. The removable protective trays allow for easy cleanup of spilled media.

The ultraviolet crosslinker portion of the UVP Hybrilinker Oven provides uniform shortwave (254 nm) ultraviolet radiation exposure. Five 254 nm UV tubes are used to maintain uniform UV exposure. UV output is measured by an internal sensor and is controlled by an on-board microprocessor. The crosslinker features an internal interlocking system for added safety. The hybridization oven and crosslinker components have separate power supplies and may operate independently.

*Product performance and effectiveness will depend on the user.*

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