PimeSurface cell culture plates

PimeSurface cell culture plates

PrimeSurface cell culture labware are ultra low attachment (ULA) dishes and plates that promote scaffold free, self assembly of spheroid formation. The plates are pre-coated with unique ultra hydrophilic polymer that enables spontaneous spheroid formation of uniform size and shape. The ULA plates have high optical clarity making them highly suitable for bright field imaging and confocal microscopy. In addition to the widely used 96 well U bottom plate, 96 well plates are also available in V and M bottom, giving scientists a choice to form tighter spheroids that are needed for specific cell types. For high throughput screening (HTS) needs, 384 well plates are available in clear and white.

Key benefits

  • Non-binding surface for cells to facilitate natural spheroid formation
  • Uniform single spheroid/EB formation in each well
  • Spheroid assay formation and analysis in the same plate
  • A variety of well bottom shapes: U-bottom, Spindle-bottom and V-bottom in 96 well format
  • High optical clarity plates for imaging
  • Stable, non-cytotoxic and cell non-adhesion surface
  • Easy handling, compatible with liquid robotic system
  • 384 well formats for high throughput assay
  • Compatible with bright-field and fluorescence imaging systems
  • White plates compatible with luminescent assays

PrimeSurface series are coated with a unique ultra-hydrophilic polymer that covalently bound to plastic surface, and effectively inhibits cell attachment without cytotoxic and material degradation. The superior coating technologies and manufacturing processes offer uniform spheroid/EB formation and smooth surface to obtain clear cell images.

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